Isenblåst – Screams in Cold Silence

 The old school of black metal is one that has diminished over the decades, and I can’t tell you how many bands there are out there that try and fail to replicate the classic sound. The only band to do so perfectly in recent memory is Mork who seem to only get better with time, yet there are, naturally, a few unknown bands out there that still manage to succeed. Isenblåst busts into the underground with their newest record, and it couldn’t be a more tasteful remake of old school black metal if they tried.

Right off the bat, “Screams in Cold Silence” gives off a very potent old school sound as the mastering and mixing of everything comes together in such a classic way to where the music feels quite hollow but it’s got a level of charm that was there in the very beginning that helped black metal grow as a whole. Isenblåst does a magnificent job at recreating the sound, and to say that the ensuing six tracks are all strong arguments as to why “Screams in Cold Silence” is a very heavy-handed example as to why Isenblåst should be considered an “up-and-coming” band would be grossly understating. The vocals reverberate throughout your skull and each second of the album is covered head to toe with unholiness devilish goodness that if you want an experience that’s both heavy that also knows where to sacrifice brutality in order to be pleasing to your ears then “Screams in Cold Silence” is an incredibly strong contender for the sprawling underground of black metal. Isenblåst nails every single thing they could’ve in order to ensure that these six songs sound as classic as you could, yet it doesn’t feel like another rip off of Burzum or Darkthrone as “Screams in Cold Silence” is a fresh take from fresh talent that provides yet another gust of filthy, unholy air into your lungs to revitalize one’s love for black metal.

The album simply has that charm about it, and if you make it to the end you’ll be wanting to go back through it again so there’s no stone left unturned and you know you’ve gone through a true black metal experience. Very few records have that kind of power anymore, but Isenblåst fucking nails it on this effort. Whatever the future holds for this promising band, “Screams in Cold Silence” is tasteful proof that the future is looking bright for this Michigan group.

LISTEN to “Screams in Cold Silence” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Isenblast on Facebook here.


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