Mesmur – S

 Doom metal has long been a thing that has intrigued me when I first began my journey to becoming a more seasoned metal head, and it’s been a pivotal genre that makes up plenty of my playlists and CD collection. Yet, funeral doom has been something that’s, for the most part, eluded my grasp as I’ve only heard few examples of the genre despite me being a massive fan of incredibly long songs with crushing heaviness. Up to now, it’s been Bell Witch and Un that have been my go-to’s for funeral doom, but today I’m adding Mesmur to that small list for their sophomore effort is nothing short of applause worthy.

Such a cosmically stunning cover art can only contain material that’s both crushing and delicious in so many different ways, and that rings true with “S”. While the name of this sophomore album eludes me, I couldn’t care less because the eyes that were only Mesmur after their eponymous debut was more than obvious, thus there’s been plenty of anticipation build-up when it came down to a new effort to follow up on something great created by Mesmur. Needless to say, they fucking nailed it! “S” brings to the table four massive tracks that pack no less than a fucking brass knuckle to the jaw that’s an awesome display of what it means to be an up-and-coming name in the cosmos of funeral doom. With the execution of songs well over twelve minutes perfected, Mesmur had to worry about filling that time with tasteful tunes that actually appealed to their audience, and by throwing in an atmosphere with crushing heaviness the band succeeded miraculously in a way that it takes a true talent to bring everything together in the right proportions. To say that the right proportions were met with “S” is an egregious understatement. Mesmur hit it right out of the part with this album, and if there’s going to be any record from funeral doom that’s got nothing but my love and ultimate respect (outside of the possibility of Bell Witch’s impending record) then it’s going to be “S”, no question!

Heaviness and satisfaction often find a way to work in perfect harmony especially in doom metal, but Mesmur takes that concept to the vacuum of space and beyond with four tracks that are possibly the epitome of the genre for the entire year. Mesmur impresses yet again and not only prove that they aren’t just some fad that does one good album then taps out, but is also a force that’s to be trifled with to the very end. “S” from beginning to end absolutely fucking smashes, and anyone who wants to be taken on an experience of funeral doom that’s all but required for the style then you’re going to want to take a dip in the realm these Americans have crafted for us.

“S” releases on September 15th!

LISTEN to the intro track, “Singularity”, on Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Mesmur on Facebook here.


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