Night – Raft of the World

 One of the styles that helped ease my way into liking metal is unquestionably straight heavy metal. It’s got a real charm to it that varies from band to band, and I love to discover new acts bring new takes on the style and see what’s created. Yet after a time, a band can feel the desire to do more than basic heavy metal, and thus be led to create something of a higher level. Night is a perfect example of that, and their upcoming album shows the band in an important time of transition from heavy metal to rock, and it leads to something very tasteful.

With the surge of NWOBHM that we’ve all become familiar with in one way or another, several talents bands have taken rise with each tide the wave to provide us with new takes on metal that can’t go unnoticed. Night pulled off their first two full-length albums quite well, but with their upcoming third effort of “Raft of the World” there’s an incredibly noticeable more rock-centric sound. Whether it’s the band trying to find a wider audience or simply trying new things, it couldn’t have been executed any better! While every single fucking track of “Raft of the World” is a delicious rock hymn that really pulls you into a hypnotic trance of euphoric instrumentation, and it all comes with the sexy edge that heavy metal brings to the table. And that’s where the real appeal of this album kicks in for me! Night manages to bring together the two worlds of rock and heavy metal into one very satisfying package that can’t be put down once you get a taste because the two styles come together absolutely seamlessly and it leads to “Raft of the World” not only being amazingly dynamic but also an awesome listen that took me two full spins of the record to rip myself away from it in order to type these words for you. Then throw in some pristine vocals right alongside ingenious musicianship and instrumentation and you’ve one of the most captivating pieces of both heavy metal and rock that we’ve gotten this year, and I mean that wholeheartedly as Night has created something exceedingly special with “Raft of the World”. No two ways about it.

I’ve always enjoyed the fusion of heavy metal and rock, but this record just takes it to all new heights it and it couldn’t have been pulled off better. Night has made an amazing album here and if it doesn’t receive widespread for it being fucking awesome then that’s a straight up crime in the world of music. “Raft of the World” is an insane album that needs to be heard by rock and heavy metal fans alike for it’s something that both sides can easily love unconditionally.

“Raft of the World” releases on September 1st via The Sign Records!

LISTEN to tracks from “Raft of the World” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Night on Facebook here.

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