Sheidim – Infamata

 I’m more than okay with new bands coming out of the woodwork from all over the world to try their hands at a style that has been done thousands of times prior, but the desire to create more is too strong to resist. It’s such a temptation that ends up with us being treated with bands like Sheidim who’s only been around for not even five years yet they’ve made quite a mark on the black/death underground already. Not sure about that? Then simply investigating their upcoming piece should be more than enough convincing evidence for you.

From the skin crawling intro to the bombastic outro, Sheidim left very little room for error with “Infamata”, and to say that this band succeeded in creating a dark, immersive album of titanic proportions would be no less than right on the fucking nose. “Infamata” is one of those albums that really manages to bring loads of firepower and chaos to the mix that leads to a sound that’s not only incredibly fiery as well as tantalizing for fans of blackened death metal. Essentially, what Sheidim made with this album can’t be seen as any less than a creation that’s a true essential for the style as it’s got just about everything a fan could ask for: monstrous vocals that peel away your soul layer by layer, an all-consuming sound that holds nothing back, energy that could obliterate the most stalwart of foes, and a great sense of musicianship that’s virtually immaculate from start to finish. “Infamata” stands proud as it’s wreathed in hellfire as it spouts brimstone and casts all you dare to oppose its might in stone, and those who are brave enough to journey through its annals and absorb the dark knowledge will find themselves enlightened upon a record that is formed out of the very foundations of blackened death, and is one of those albums that fans of the style can’t pass up should they want something truly tasty.

Sheidim is by every sense of the term unexpected for me. I never saw this record coming and that’s one of the things that’s beautiful about it to me, and I’ve confidence that anyone who journeys through the dark halls that Sheidim has created will find themselves saying the same. “Infamata” packs the most intense punch one could ask for, and anyone who denies it doesn’t know a gem when they see it.

“Infamata” releases on September 15th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to the track “Sisters of Sleep” via SoundCloud here or below.

LIKE Sheidim on Facebook here.


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