Dreadnought – A Wake In Sacred Waves

 Music is always constantly changing. I feel that’s a painfully obvious fact that many won’t accept while at the same time we get people with incredible talent coming together to continually push the boundaries even further, and that goes double for metal. The genre has always been a breeding ground for experimentations of all kinds, and it’s groups like Dreadnought that take it to the next level. Their last album was intriguing, but it’s their upcoming piece that proves Dreadnought are no pushovers and should be heralded for their talent.

Apart from the cover art being incredibly seductive that easily pulls you in with an immense sense of imagination, there’s much more to “A Wake In Sacred Waves” than what you might expect from Dreadnought. This band has been known to be a healthy level of progressive while incorporating elements of doom into their mix for extra flavor and personality, and it truly shows with this record as it has but four tracks clocking in over 50 minutes for a real intricate experience. If you liked the last effort of Dreadnought for its musical prowess along with its many flavorful intricacies, then you’ll want to dive into the realm that is created with “A Wake In Sacred Waves” as it truly flows like water and expands the band’s horizon to that of the ocean itself. It’s an album you can truly get lost in quite easily, but if you manage to keep yourself here and intently listen to the record you’ll be in for a real treat. Not only does Dreadnought employ multiple different kinds of vocals the group also enlists the magic of keys, a flute, and even a saxophone to weave a unique atmosphere that’s always constantly changing so that every second of “A Wake In Sacred Waves” is not only delicious but wholly immersive. I was expected something different from this album, but what I received is absolute miles ahead of what I was hoping for and I couldn’t be happier to see Dreadnought realize their true potential with this record, and we’re fortunate enough to be given four meaty chunks of awesomeness to treat ourselves with that are no less than pure magic.

To call this record powerful and a real powerhouse of evolving metal would be an absolute understatement. Dreadnought has always shown hints at real genius and has always played on it, but it’s with this record that it’s all brought out to the fold for all of us to gawk at. “A Wake In Sacred Waves” is quite the album to marvel at, and I’m positive that this opus with giving Dreadnought the glory that they deserve and the fan base they’ve clearly earned.

“A Wake In Sacred Waves” releases on October 6th!

PRE-ORDER “A Wake In Sacred Waves” on Bandcamp here.

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