5 thoughts on “The Last Sighs of the Wind – We Are Trees

  1. Nice review, except for the overly used expletive. Absolutely no need for it at all, degraded an otherwise intelligently written piece. Surely you have other words to add emphasis in your repotiore.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! And yes I agree completely! My reviews have gone through a DRASTIC change from my first review over 4 years ago to even this one that was less than a year ago. A lot of times I used expletives to get some emphasis across, but then it degraded the overall quality like you said. I’ve done my best in recent months to find better, more descriptive words while still using the occasional expletive in an exclamation or to really drive a point home. My reviews change because I’m always learning how to improve my style whatever it may be 🙂 and I’m very happy about it because that means i can make better reviews for all the great pieces I enjoy like “We Are Trees”

    2. Oh for fuck’s sake, it’s a word. There’s no reason NOT to use it either.

      The reviewer showed passion, sorry that you’ve got a stick in your ass and can’t see it.

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