Soulrest – In Spite

 To see a band that’s been going for literally twenty years is an incredible thing for me, especially when that isn’t well known by any means. That means group goes on simply because they enjoy doing it and they want to keep making music. It can be difficult for a death metal band to get recognition, but when you’re Ukraine’s Soulrest then you truly don’t care and simply move forward. But they don’t allow themselves to get stuck in the past, and their newest album shows that they can easily sum up what potential and talent the death metal scene still has in today’s world.

It’s neat to see that after putting out a handful of records in two decades hasn’t done much to dampen the talent that Soulrest clearly has, and the first two tracks from “In Spite” alone shows that this group isn’t here to fuck around. Not only do these Ukrainians know how to really bring quality death metal that’s truly captivating, they also know how to make the metal more progressive along with even bringing plenty of melody to the table to really make “In Spite” a hook-line-and-sinker type of album. Soulrest utilizes keyboards to really bring the record together in a way that death metal doesn’t see very often, and with all the instruments coming together to create not only a layered sound but a fully fleshed out experience that is nigh on impeccable even after listening to “In Spite” all the way through several times. While Soulrest still does keep true to the structures that have become common for death metal, they’re still not afraid to make things interesting by throwing in unconventional rhythms and pulling off sounds that one wouldn’t expect to happen with a death metal band, but Soulrest pulls it all off with immense expertise the likes of which keeps the whole of “In Spite” delicious from start to beginning. Not only is the record dynamic, but it also has the previous experience and the power to back it all up which is what really tips Soulrest over the edge of awesomeness for this new piece.

The years have clearly been kind to the spirit and will behind Soulrest, and all they need as proof of such is this record as it is a testament to their power that cannot be denied. Without question, “In Spite” is an incredibly compelling piece that turns death metal itself right on its head to give listeners a fresh experience that cannot be turned down. Truly, a flavorful record that is all but pristine.

LISTEN to “In Spite” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Soulrest on Facebook here.


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