King Bong – Sand ≈ Return

 Many music lovers listen to music to be taken to a state of euphoria that nothing else can really achieve, and a portion of us love it when bands take the extra step to make their sound but incredibly immersive and otherworldly. Few other styles take me to other planets or into ethereal dimensions as often as psychedelic rock, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I keep crawling back to the style. Today, my return was greeted by King Bong, and despite having a name that doesn’t exactly grab your attention their music most certainly does with this transcendently funky album.

Such a minimal yet detailed cover art such as that is the sort of thing that really draws me in simply because you can almost see the imagination that King Bong captured with “Sand ≈ Return”, and with two minutes of the opening track, you’re given an experience that perfectly represents the entire record. What really drives home the out-of-this-world experience that this album encapsulates is the fact that this entirety of this 40+ minute piece is purely instrumental, which is a common theme for me and pieces of psychedelic rock, and that’s because they work really well together! “Sand ≈ Return” is yet another set of reinforcement for that fact for me, and after traveling through unending deserts and wafting through mythologies untold along with a stunning sense of musicianship that’s all but immaculate, I can’t help but applaud King Bong on this fantastic album. There are plenty of bands out there that can take you on unique journies like none have even fathomed before, but it takes a truly special group to weave together a cohesive experience that doesn’t only feel completely organic in a musical sense, but it feels like the music is coming to life and creating its own life as the notes flow from one to the next, the drums toll for the cycle of creation and destruction, and one of a kind instruments like a didgeridoo and even a fucking steel trash can come into the fold come into the fold to truly make “Sand ≈ Return” an extremely tasteful record that stands tall all on its own.

It’s unique record like “Sand ≈ Return” is why I started doing reviews in the first place because I wanted to find the truly special albums but sifting through day after day so that I can find albums that are no less than gems. King Bong has created one of those pieces for me and I’m very thankful that it caught my eye whilst digging through Bandcamp. If you wanna hear a piece that’s no less than an alien record the likes of which we won’t get for quite a while, then please do not allow “Sand ≈ Return” to pass you by. Now, come and explore this desert planet as I have and see what wonders are to be discovered.

LISTEN to “Sand ≈ Return” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE King Bong on Facebook here.


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