Poison Blood – s/t

 In order to really captivate your audience with your record and keep them coming back to your material wanting more, you’ve got to make sure that your music is actually good. That’s such an easy thing to conceptualize, but many can have difficulty with achieving it especially when some bands attempt to create amalgamations of styles that seem no less than intimidating on paper. Despite that, the thought of pulling it off still attracts bands like Poison Blood to create something much like their eponymous debut crafted from naught but cosmical blackness.

Such a cover art like that instantly elicits a specific visage of darkness and a sense of dread the likes of which only a Lovecraftian creature could conjure up. Just try to imagine a forward thinking album with only eight tracks to call its own that only spreads across 19 minutes but it still brings forth a very surreal, lo-fi black metal experience that’s certainly one of a kind with little to no other piece to compare it to. That’s exactly what the duo of Poison Blood has created with their self-titled debut EP, and once you’ve gotten a taste of this slice of cosmic intrigue drenched in the black then you’ll be more than reeled in to go for another spin of the record. And don’t there and think the only thing that Poison Blood has to offer with this piece is no more than a low-budget sounding album with harsh vocals – oh no! This EP has gone for so much more than that with the first track being the perfect intro as you get the metal, the dissonance, and the opaque atmosphere that Poison Blood goes for with the work as a whole, and from there on out each one of those elements are shown off with on their own in the following seven tracks to where not one song sounds like one before it be it a less than fifty second interval of pure dissonance or a closing track that takes a page from the realm of dungeon synth to create something no less than tantalizing. Never before have I seen so much done in such a minimal way and then pulled off spectacularly, but I don’t know what else to expect when you take members of Horseback and Krieg and put them in the same room together to make music.

This is easily a standout album that undoubtedly took me by absolute surprise. I had my expectations, naturally, but they paled in comparison to the grandeur that I was met with for this record. Poison Blood has made their entrance subtle yet at the same exact time loud and fucking clear with their uncompromising style that slides in the black where you least expect. The idea of a dissonant EP like few others before it while still being stylistically progressive is something that may be much to fathom, but I can’t help but wholeheartedly invite every single one of you into this realm of darkness and behold what sights I’ve seen.

“Poison Blood” releases via Relapse Records on August 11th!

PRE-ORDER “Poison Blood” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Poison Blood” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Poison Blood on Facebook here.


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