Atriarch – Dead as Truth

 Psychedelia is something that I personally really enjoy in my music because it brings about a wholly unique listening experience that when applied with different styles can create something truly noticeable. When it becomes corrupted and dark, that’s when we enter a menacing territory where few bands dare to venture, and then combining that with elements of death and doom metal along with flavors of rock sounds like an impossible task. Yet, Atriarch goes headfirst into such a realm and creates a record straight from the abyssal darkness the likes of which I’ve never witnessed before.

To create a complex soundscape that’s both unique as well as intriguing is an accomplishment in it of itself, but in order to truly reel in your listener and show them you mean business, you need far more imagination and talent to really drive home what you’re going for. The dark psychedelia that Atriarch brings to the table for their upcoming album, “Dead as Truth”, is tantalizing right off the bat, but they then follow it all up very nicely with mixing together with two signature styles of metal and even some rock to blend together different sounds in order to form up something no less than monolithic. As if “Dead as Truth” wasn’t already a tasty treat with the shifting vocals and wonderful union between vocals and instruments, the combined styles really take the album to new heights that are no less than haunting while at the same time incredibly satisfying. The pacing and heaviness of doom, the intensity of death metal, and the rhythms of rock; Artriach really created a unique album here that can easily be put into a category of its own, and that’s no less than fitting for an album that stares back into you when you gaze upon it much like the very abyss from whose depths “Dead as Truth” manifested from.

Something as innovative and outside-of-the-box as this doesn’t come along very often, and I find it very important to soak it all up before it passes us by and leaves us smoldering in its wake. Atriarch has made a very dark and all-consuming album that doesn’t spare a single person with its scorching six tracks of darkness. “Dead as Truth” in the simplest terms is a piece of the boundless dark that encapsulate your entire being and is all but interesting to say in the least for anyone brave enough to venture through its bleak halls.

“Dead as Truth” releases on August 11th via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Dead as Truth” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to advance tracks from “Dead as Truth” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Atriarch on Facebook here.


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