Gravehuffer – Your Fault

 Anyone can be fast and loud with metal, it’s not difficult by any standards. It’s a stereotype of the genre as well so it’s incredibly easy to achieve, but to do it well includes a different level of skill altogether. Thrash is a tricky thing because you don’t wanna sound too generic but also good, and it’s bands like Gravehuffer that find a happy middle ground. And then it’s efforts like this one that draws people closer to this realm of chaos and flame.

The spirit of thrash is a curious thing that hasn’t diminished for over thirty years with an umpteenth number of bands crawling out of the woodwork from all corners of the Earth to bring forth blistering thrash. For every great piece of the style, there is par to sub par albums to come from groups that most will never hear of. In the case of Gravehuffer, their latest effort of “Your Fault” lands itself right in the middle. It’s not a fantastic album along with having work that could be done, but by no means whatsoever is this a bad album. The eleven tracks here are prime examples of interesting underground thrash from the raw anger elicited by the band as well as the length of songs making “Your Fault” a meat sliver of thrash that really delivers. Yet, sometimes Gravehuffer can sometimes seem like they’re focusing too much on their rage-filled sound to create a more cohesive piece that’s more satisfying in the end. The energy still ultimately helps drive home the intensity that Gravehuffer went for with “Your Fault” and it’s still something that I’d consider a real positive for this piece of mass destruction. And when you’ve finished listening to this dirty as fuck album, you’ll either be gearing up for a riot or drive your neighbors crazy after bringing the power with “Your Fault” as thrash metal was meant for!

There’s definitely potential to be had with this album, and anyone who disagrees with that clearly doesn’t know what great things can come from seemingly unassuming bands of the underground. Gravehuffer doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the thrash metal world, but it’s definitely something I’d say is worth the listen. Should you want to experience mass hysteria the likes of which only underground bands can bring, then “Your Fault” is just the piece for you!

LISTEN to “Your Fault” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gravehuffer on Facebook here.


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