Warrior Pope – Anchorite

 Experimentation is a weird realm where enough is never the end as new styles are being created so amazingly often that it’s impossible to keep it up with it all no matter how much you try to keep up with it. Metal is but a small sliver of the experimental world, but many don’t tend to think to meld doom metal with experimentation. Yet we’ve got bands like Warrior Pope to expand that world for us, and it’s the band’s latest work that really shows the potential for what such an unassuming sounding style can bring about.

What makes “Anchorite” stand out more than simply being one massive experiment is how it’s all instrumental. Personally, I found a level of relief in knowing I won’t have to hear someone’s voice because vocals tend to be my least favorite part of experimental projects, and that helped me dive into the odd realm of “Anchorite” even quicker. Nothing about the record was incredibly overbearing nor did it require much thought to simply dive into, and that really helped me get into this piece and its several quirks that are spread out through the four tracks we’re given. If only having four songs turns you away, then fret not because not only does Warrior Pope bring the slower tempo and satisfying crunch that doom is known for the band also brings the longer song length into account with the shortest piece of “Anchorite” clocking in over seven minutes. It all fucking comes together, as well, with the expertly executed drums, impeccable guitars, and glorious bass creating a very surreal experience that’s wholly unique and something that I can honestly say I’ve never heard before. But to say that Warrior Pope really hit the ball right out of the park would be a bit of an overstatement in my eyes, but there’s no denying that this band really did something unique and interesting with this effort, and anyone who disagrees should take another dip in the captivating pool that Warrior Pope creates with this opus.

It takes quite a bit for me to get into the more experimental side of metal where things start getting a tad weird and styles blend together almost seamlessly, but there’s something very tasteful and alluring about the sound Warrior Pope went for with this record. I never thought that I’d want to see bands take more creative liberties with doom metal the likes of which has happened with this piece, but life is full of surprises and “Anchorite” is definitely one of those for me. I’m going to have to revisit this effort, and I can’t help but recommend it to any mindful metal head who wants to hear what fresh, creative minds have to bring forth.

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