Army of Dagon – Night of the Mystics

 A span of a few years is a good amount of time for a newer band to try and hone their sound in order to return with more powerful material that’s an improvement upon their previous work. Two years ago I was pointed in the direction of Army of Dagon whose doom metal sound had plenty of promise and room for improvement to where I kept a mental note of them for the future. And it seems my patience was well rewarded for their newest effort is on a completely different level than their debut.

The debut from Army of Dagon was by no means bad by any sort of degree, but it left more to be desired, and for me to say that this band has come back with a new effort that rights all their past misaims would be a flat out lie. That being said, “Night of the Mystics” builds upon that initial sound greatly by adding more riffs, a tastier sense of heaviness, and a more cohesive sound that simply works better than what we heard before to really make the eight tracks from this record feel like more of an experience. This new piece also adheres to more doom tropes than before as we get slower songs with longer run times that really allows Army of Dagon to stretch out a good tune over more than simply three or four minutes most of the time. Granted, none of the songs go over eight minutes as many would expect of doom, but “Night of the Mystics” is still a worthy effort to consider a tasty treat by many a doomy metalhead. Even though Army of Dagon still isn’t as gripping as I’d prefer it to be, I can’t say that their sound isn’t worth a listen at the very least.

The music that Army of Dagon creates has got a certain charm to it that many bands toss right out the window, but this band manages to really make the efforts of this group a fun time even if it’s not an amazing piece of music. “Night of the Mystics” is, even more, proof that Army of Dagon is a growing band that is clearly improving their style, and I’m confident that if given enough time these guys will craft a very delicious piece of doom that we’ll all eat right up.

LISTEN to “Night of the Mystics” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Army of Dagon on Twitter: @ArmyofDagon


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