Voormithadreth – The Quest of Iranon

 The desire to hear something different is a feeling that every single fan of music can relate to. Whether you wanna hear the ridiculous flow of the next great rapper, feel the next intense riff of an upcoming metal band, or the next change of pace for jazz, we’re always subtlely looking for something different. For months I’ve been looking for quality dungeon synth, and so far my search has proved mostly fruitless. Until now, that is, as Voormithadreth presents to us a piece that’s as transcendent as it is layered.

Thanks to a very special friend of mine, I’ve had access to dungeon synth the likes of which I’ll never have to time to check out simply because I’m more interested in metal, but the change of pace is something I’m always up for. My first dungeon synth experience came in the form of Demogorgon’s debut album, “Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.”, and I became interested in the style, but after almost a year of searching, I hadn’t found anything that suits my taste. Voormithadreth’s latest album, “The Quest of Iranon”, comes as the first full album of dungeon synth that I can honestly say I enjoyed one hundred percent. And splitting over a half hour’s worth of experience into four tracks really enables a unique flavor and texture to be worked into “The Quest of Iranon” that’s friendly for a newcomer such as me. A lot of other pieces of dungeon synth try to have several moving parts to where you’re in a kaleidoscope of sound, but Voormithadreth’s style is much more minimal layering only a few sounds and rhythms on top of each other that’s not overwhelming but it still creates an incredibly layered album that’s nigh on intoxicating. The lo-fi texture and medieval-like feel is something that really brings “The Quest of Iranon” to a greater level of satisfaction as it feels like the music itself captures the mystery and ominous overtone of Lovecraft as well as invoking the feel of Clark Ashton Smith and Lord Dunsany. Voormithadreth has created a very tasteful soundscape whose hollow feel really fleshes out the experience while still making room for hypnotic rhythms brought forth by echoing synths that ultimately form an impactful record in the end.

A gateway to the realm of dungeon synth is something that I’ve been looking for, and I believe that Voormithadreth has presented that gateway to me through his hauntingly entrancing music. Even though I’m an extreme newbie to the style, I just know instinctively that “The Quest of Iranon” is a special piece of its kind. You can hear and feel it through all four tracks, and after allowing it to envelop my mind for hours on end . . . I can easily say that Voormithadreth has created something else entirely with this magnificent effort.

LISTEN to “The Quest of Iranon” on Bandcamp here.


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