Dawn of Disease – Ascension Gate

 In recent times, I haven’t really found any melodic death metal that’s really caught my fancy except a few exceptions that really stand out amongst the rest. It just seems to me that many melo-death bands are becoming too uniform or even commercially friendly to possibly appeal to a wider audience. But one band that I’m ashamed that I forgot about is Dawn of Disease who takes to the heavier side of melodic death, and if nothing else, their upcoming piece has revitalized my interest for the style because of how incredibly monstrous it is.

The last piece that Dawn of Disease put out, “Worship the Grave”, was by no means a pushover but somehow I allowed it to fade from my brain and upon seeing this new opus in the making, my curiosity shot through the fucking roof. And after literal hours of playing this at max volume for ultimate devastation, it’s needless to say that Dawn of Disease really held nothing back with “Ascension Gate”, and it makes for a brutally crushing album that melodic death hasn’t seen the likes of since Amon Amarth pushed out “Surtur Rising”. From the primer that is “Passage” to the face melter of “Leprous Thoughts” to the grinder that is the closer of “Mundus Inversus”, there are no moments of recluse or calm with “Ascension Gate” to truly make it an experience the likes of which melodic death metal hasn’t produced in years! And whenever people talk about modern death metal I’ve never once heard Dawn of Disease brought up, and I firmly believe that “Ascension Gate” has the power to change that. The record simply has everything one could ask for from the crushing heaviness, brutality that’s laced through every single aspect of the album, an impeccable sense of rhythm that really knows how to keep you locked in on this magnificent example of undeath, and musicianship out the ass that one could only ever hope for.

In short, “Ascension Gate” is a pristine record of its kind that can’t be ignored if you want what’s possibly going to be one of the highest quality death metal experiences this year will throw our way. I’ve no doubt that Dawn of Disease will stand tall at the end of the year with death metal icons like Entrails, Six Feet Under, and even Cannibal Corpse to see who’s the most grotesque to take the cake as the grandest slice of death metal of the year. It’s going to be one fucking hell of a battle, and “Ascension Gate” will by no means by a contender to be ignored.

“Ascension Gate” releases on August 11th via Napalm Records!

PRE-ORDER “Ascension Gate” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to advance tracks from “Ascension Gate” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Dawn of Disease on Twitter: @DawnofDisease


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