Mindkult – Lucifer’s Dream

 We live in an age where bands are constantly trying to one-up each other and create something that’s new, fresh, and innovative, or, alternatively, we get bands who are stuck in the past and simply regurgitate what we’ve all seen before. I appreciate both but sometimes it’s perfect if a band simply goes with whatever flow the group is feeling. Mindkult is one of those groups, one-man band to be precise, and it’s shown massive promise before, but it’s the upcoming piece of “Lucifer’s Dream” that shows the talent Mindkult has teased us with.

The very beginning of doom metal is quite the interesting topic because it had so much going for it from its groovy riffs to mellow pacing to its fuzziness in post-production that always gave the music a certain level of charm. Mindkult managed to capture all that pretty well with his debut EP of “Witch’s Oath”, and almost a year later he’s back with a fucking vengeance. The very essence of his forthcoming full-length album of “Lucifer’s Dream” is laced with the sounds of the past but brought with a passion and flavors of the modern age that makes all six of these tracks stand out like a beacon in the realm of doom. It’s a real classic sounding experience that really knows how to sink its meaty, stoner hooks into your soul and then pull you forward to a little corner of darkness that’s as euphoric as it is enthralling. And Mindkult really knows how to tie different styles together as doom, stoner, and shoegaze all come together marvelously in “Lucifer’s Dream” to bring about a well-executed sense of psychedelia from the dark side that puts the icing right on the cake for this one. When’s the last time we got something like this, exactly? Too fucking long; no other answer. I’ve heard some incredibly tasteful pieces of doom this year, and this one is a ridiculously strong contender for the top, that much I know is certain. What I don’t know is certain is how Mindkult will manage to follow up something like “Lucifer’s Dream” because this . . . is truly something else in it of itself.

“Lucifer’s Dream” is bound for greatness and on a path to gain this mastermind a devoted cult following amongst the metal community that will remember what it’s like to be a doom band in the old days, and Mindkult will become known as a stop in the underground that must be taken. Mindkult has created something with immense taste the likes of which we haven’t gotten in literally decades, and I can’t be any more excited to see how else Mindkult can enrapture us with his catchy doom sewn by shadow in the future.

“Lucifer’s Dream” releases on September 20th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Lucifer’s Dream” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mindkult on Facebook here.

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