The Minerva Conduct – s/t

 For well over a year now I’ve been singing praises about the Indian metal scene as being one of the most interesting places in the entire world to find up and coming bands that should be heard. But despite my overwhelming happiness with the scene, there’s one thing that I’ve been longing for: to see an Indian band break away from the mold of extreme metal that seems to have the country by a choke hold. It’s not a negative thing, but innovative minds and a change of pace is always welcome, and for India, it comes in the form of The Minerva Conduct.

Easily, the thing that caught my eye was that astounding cover art that really pulls you in, and it serves as an excellent pilot for the ensuing album that I never could’ve seen coming from India no matter how much I’ve praised the scene. Deemed as a supergroup by the country’s inhabitants, The Minerva Conduct certainly has the talent and previous experience to easily back that up with the group consisting of current and former members of Demonic Resurrection, Gutslit, Albatross, and even Animals As Leaders coming together to make a debut album the likes of which is simply marvelous to behold in its entirety. Progressive metal is quite the feat to pull off especially when it sounds as good as what The Minerva Conduct demonstrates but to keep it going through eight tracks (most of which spread well over 5 minutes) without the use of a vocalist is applause worthy to me without a doubt. The instrumentalism pulled off by this quartet is fucking astounded to witness as The Minerva Conduct carves out loads of peaks and valleys, twists and turns, and dozens of tasty sights out of their soundscape that is their debut self-titled piece that keep you drawn into the record eternally while not skimping out on innovation, heaviness, or even a little bit of serenity to give us an experience Indian metalheads haven’t pulled off yet.

India has always been a place that demonstrates heaviness of the death and black metal variety for years now, but growth also comes change and I feel like The Minerva Conduct is the first of a new mini-wave that will take place in the country’s metal scene. Instrumental progressive metal is quite the shift from what we’ve come to hear from the country, and if you ask me, it’s an extremely welcome change! The Minerva Conduct is an incredibly awesome breath of fresh air that I could get very used to feeling every few years, and it opens up whole new horizons for Indian metal that people should check out now more than ever.

“The Minerva Conduct” releases on September 15th via Transcending Obscurity India!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from the album on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Minerva Conduct on Facebook here.


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