Scardust – Sands of Time

 I don’t really do much exploration anymore in my metal as often as I used to given that I’ve honed in on what styles I really like in the last few years. Recently, though, I’ve been craving some good prog metal as well as wanted to find more tasteful symphonic metal, but I’ve been neglecting to sit down and sift through some albums. Yet, here came Scardust to really show me what I was looking for, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

To try to create a compelling album of either progressive or symphonic metal in their own rights are difficult enough tasks in it of themselves, but trying to combine the two into something cohesive is no less than an extraordinary feat if pulled off. And that’s exactly what Scardust did with their first full-length album, “Sand of Time”, to outstanding results! Ten tracks are presented to us with this piece and after listening to them all you can really tell that the first half enforces the symphonic side more while the latter half takes on more progressive elements, yet the entirety of “Sands of Time” has elements of both in every single song although in varying degrees. I never would’ve thought that it could’ve been pulled off with such grace and style, but Scardust impresses with the first few tracks alone and then uses the rest of “Sands of Time” to really drive home their talent and unique flavors. If that doesn’t catch your fancy then maybe the usage of a proper choir of many, many people with stunning voices will grasp your attention while an organic set of strings performed by three violins and a cello occupy several places on the album while the angelic voices of children fill the air with a special sense of bliss. Few pieces go as far as “Sands of Time” went to present to you a full on symphonic metal experience of another level while at the same time remembering to give the audience a sustainable supply of progressive metal to add a heavier sound for those looking for more than an outstanding orchestra in their lives.

Scardust truly blew my expectations out of the fucking water with this piece, and now I can easily say that I’m more interested in searching both progressive and symphonic metal more than ever before. “Sands of Time” is a unique experience that really brings many different elements to the table and successfully bringing them together for a hell of a good time the likes of which metal fans looking for a lot more out of their music will feel right at home in.

LISTEN to “Sands of Time” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Scardust on Facebook here.


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