Nemesis Sopor – MMXL

 Every album that has its own unique flavor is an album that can set it apart from the greater of the scene, and thus become more of an attraction for those of us who enjoy the innovations of bands from all over the world. Easily, black metal has been subject to the most experimentation out of all metal styles, and today these experiments still yield amazing results. Take Nemesis Sopor for example who’s most recent album is a thing of intrigue, horrific majesty, and creativity.

With such a complex and maybe even confusing cover art such as that, I felt it was pretty obvious that Nemesis Sopor was already different from most black metal bands, and upon seeing that the opening track is a whopping 15 minutes I knew I found something far from orthodox. And if you’re brave enough to go through the entire hour long experience that is “MMXL” then you’ll find yourself going through an otherworldly album that’s filled with things of an ethereal nature, and figures that are brought forth from the shadows casted by great light that come out in the form of the music that Nemesis Sopor crafts for us. This album is a wonderful mix of the attractive darkness of our minds and the magic of black metal that allows us to enter this realm filled with riffs, brilliant atmospheres, and a very satisfying sound that permeates every single note that’s performed for “MMXL”. It can serve as a simple record that you just wanna listen to, or an experience that you allow your entire mind to sink into and become fully immersed in, and both are splendid in glorious ways that varies for each person who hears it, for this is a record that really touches the soul and mind to really bring you to a place that only a special breed of black metal can create. It takes passion, time, expertise, and a willing listener in order for that euphoric feeling becomes reality, and that’s what’s happened with me and “MMXL”, much to my satisfaction.

Anyone who skims the black metal section on Bandcamp will find that several albums of the style reach wide praise and popularity due to those bands being able to create wondrous experiences that really capture the listener in a trance, and I have a good feeling that “MMXL” would find plenty of good people and new fans if enough people would simply hear it. Nemesis Sopor has created a very interesting record here and one that can surely find a great following should the right cards be played on the promotion side, and I truly do hope to see that happen for a group talented as this.

LISTEN to “MMXL” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Nemesis Sopor on Facebook here.


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