Arallu – Six

 The Middle East is a place where but a few years ago I never would’ve expected to find metal amongst the sands. Yet to my surprise, I found a rich underground that may not be all that expansive in comparison, but not lacking in quality. Israel is a place where I’ve found a few solid bands of metal but not black metal with the heavy religious influence that permeates the entire life of that country. Arallu is the first Israeli band of its kind that I’ve heard, and it’s quite the treat to eat right up if I do say so myself.

Much like how renowned Singapore band Rudra uses traditional Indian instruments to bring a special flair and unique flavor to their black metal that allowed them to earn their cult following, Arallu does much the same with their very own sound. Although, it’s not to as great an extent it’s still noticeable and used very tastefully throughout their upcoming album of “Six”. You can still hear the extra sensations in the background while in the foreground we get rhythmic black metal that doesn’t disappoint from the anthems that Arallu draws from its indigenous dunes of sand to riffs that really know how to draw you into the very satisfying black metal that’s brought forth. All of “Six” has a well defined, attractive sound to it that shows the simple fact that Arallu definitely knows what they were going for with this record in all of its glory which allows for a really cohesive experience from beginning to end. However, if you’re hoping that Arallu really set themselves apart from the rest of the black metal crowd with adding just a touch of regional influence, then you might be a bit underwhelmed. “Six” is no question an entertaining album that isn’t weak by any means, but I feel like Arallu can go much further with their sound in order to create something much more unique as well as make them stand out when compared to bands from around the world.

Despite the slightest sense of underwhelming expectations with this record, I still can’t complain about “Six” because, in the end, it’s still a very delicious record that I do not regret hearing it at all. It’s a solid black metal experience that can definitely be expanding upon and become something truly stunning, but where they’re at now is nothing to look down upon.

“Six” releases on September 22nd via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Six” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Arallu on Facebook here.


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