Canker – Earthquake

 Unreleased material from a band that suddenly decided to throw in the towel can sometimes be the best shit that the band in question had ever compiled up to that point. Untapped potential and untold of success could be waiting should someone decide to bring that material to life. Unfortunately, not every good band with potential comes back together after years and years of being split up. Canker, however, is back in the game after over 10 years being broken up. And if their return is to be called anything it’s triumphant, and “Earthquake” is all the proof you’d ever need.

Thanks to the efforts of their current label, Canker has finally been able to release “Earthquake” as the way it was recorded back in 2005, and what a hell of a thing to drop from out of nowhere! I’ve heard Canker before with their compilation of “Physical”, but this record takes things to a whole different level in terms of intensity, style, and overall meatiness that really allows you to sink your teeth into the album without a second thought. The whole of “Earthquake” presents to us ten insanely crushing songs of thrashy death metal that manage to rope you in at every chance Canker gets, and they’re not afraid to throw in some Spanish sounding flair into the mix to shakes up for just a bit. And from start to finish you can feel that this is a piece that’s made to thrive in the very underground of metal. It’s got an unrelenting sound, doesn’t rely on studio magic to make their music more appealing, and you can feel the talent that Canker garnered over years packed into “Earthquake” to create an experience of raw intensity that can’t be denied.

Even if over ten years haven’t been kind to the musical minds behind Canker, it’s the fact that they were able to create “Earthquake” at all gives me the suspicion that they can still bring the heavy and create something very tasteful and worth peoples’ time. Few records can perfectly embody the whole of a style’s underground scene, yet that’s precisely what “Earthquake” does and it satisfies along every single song and through every single growl.

“Earthquake” releases on September 18th via Xtreem Music!

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