Slave One – An Abstract and Metaphysical Approach to Deceit

 It takes a good few elements to come together nicely and cohesively in order to make any sort of technical record of any kind. With death metal, you really have to take a lot into consideration in order for your final product to not just sound like an angry mess. When a band can come together and pull off tech death, it’s a very unique feel as if you’re experiencing an entirely different kind of undeath. Slave One is one of those few bands that pull it off, and their upcoming EP is all the proof they could ever need of their potential.

Compiling of three tracks that’s finished out by a very tasteful Dimmu Borgir cover that does nothing but justice for the original, Slave One really catches your attention from the first minute of the EP alone. These Frenchmen really stayed true to the spirit of tech death with “An Abstract and Metaphysical Approach to Deceit” to the very end, and I feel it’s safe to say that any fan of the style will almost immediately be drawn into the viciousness that Slave One gives off from the very beginning. We get ridiculous guitar and bass work that never ceases to satisfy, drums that never relent even for the end of the fucking world, vocals that call upon your several bloody deaths with each being more gruesome than the last, and a viciousness that never disappears from the material. It’s all these things coming together that really allows “An Abstract and Metaphysical Approach to Deceit” to move forward at a magnificent pace that’s also one hell of a mouthful to take in. Yet, if anyone is brave enough to go through these four tracks that take you straight through the goriest corners of hell time and again, you’ll find a real treat of technical death metal the likes of which we simply don’t see often.

I’ve only really seen two great examples of technical death metal in the last year between Azooma and Dying Fetus, and Slave One is easily the best band of the style that I’ve heard since then. “An Abstract and Metaphysical Approach to Deceit” is by no means whatsoever anything to scoff at, and if you want to hear a real meaty piece of a style that always manages to surprise me, then you’re definitely going to want to dine into this piece as it digs into your very soul.

“An Abstract and Metaphysical Approach to Deceit” releases on September 29th via Dolorem Records!

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