Kylver – The Island

 A story in an album is always something that can easily draw people in, and that goes double for me. I’m a real sucker for a good story, and when it’s woven in a very well crafted album then what’s not to love? However, implementing a story on an instrumental album is quite a challenge as you, obviously, don’t have words to tell the story. Kylver was definitely up to the task, and with their latest record, they performed exponentially better than I could’ve ever imagined.

Luckily for those of us who were interested in knowing the story behind “The Island”, the band was kind enough to post the entire plot of the Bandcamp page for this album so that we can first read the tale then follow the soundscapes through this world of wonder and science fiction that becomes so much more when it’s just sound telling the tale. It’s then that “The Island” takes on a completely different form and really allows you to explore this venture that’s crafted by riffs, intricacies of the fret board, hypnotic beats, and entrancing rhythms so masterfully that you can see the epic realm come to life before your eyes. Whether it be a very mundane vision or something as other-worldly as the stunning cover art, Kylver is sure to grasp your imagination with “The Island” entirely. It’s easy for an instrumental record to take you to another dimension where there are boundless possibilities, but for one to tell a very fleshed out story as well as be a masterwork musically, simply extraordinary! That’s precisely what Kylver did with their sophomore album and it’s no less than a landmark piece because of how much it managed to accomplish.

To create the world with a concrete story yet having the freedom to allow the listener to mentally make the world as dull or vibrant as they please is a freedom that doesn’t come along very often. Despite that, Kylver pulled it off masterfully with this effort. Any doubt surrounding this band should be dissolved instantly upon hearing “The Island”, and simply hearing the 13-minute opener should be enough proof that anyone could ever ask for.

LISTEN to “The Island” on Bandcamp here.

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