Tales of Gaia – Hypernova

 There are some styles of metal that I don’t visit often enough, and it’s not out of a displeasure but simply because I don’t come across any pieces from those styles that really draw me in. Power metal is one of those and even though I love some bands from the style, it’s one of those things I have to revisit every so often to see what I could find next. And on this last excursion, I found quite a treat in the form of Tales of Gaia’s upcoming epic, “Hypernova”.

It’s the combination of neutral colors with that popping green along with the whole of the gorgeous illustration that drew me into what these Spaniards have crafted with “Hypernova”. Even though the origins of Tales of Gaia go back only seven years, the inner workings of the band have been quite tumultuous with several people leaving, breakups occurring, and other misfortunes that are a rather unfortunate part of life. Yet, Tales of Gaia really managed to pull through and come together, and after a few years of being a unit they were able to summon up what would form in “Hypernova”, and it’s definitely something you can feel all the hardships and tears of the past poured into this album as it’s mixed with passion and willpower. The whole of “Hypernova” is a magnificent testament to what power is and has always been as we get loads of tropes of the styles pulled off wondrously well such as a glorious set of keyboards alongside striking vocals that cut real deep. What’s really tasty about this record is how even though it’s by no means spectacular in my opinion, Tales of Gaia still manages to plant the seed of curiosity where after you hear one piece you need to come back and keep hearing more. “Hypernova” is simply infectious and it’s the kind of power metal that really gets you going. From epic choruses to a gripping sound to interesting taste, Tales of Gaia certainly captured a lot with “Hypernova” and you can feel it in every single fucking track thrown at you.

I’ve never been a stranger to seeking out new talent and identifying potential when I see it, and that still rings true in this case as Tales of Gaia is that exact kind of band that peaks my interest and makes me want to hear more. “Hypernova” is a very entrancing album that if you allow your mind to immerse itself in it then you’re in for a power metal experience that’s admittedly very familiar, but no less than epic.

“Hypernova” releases on September 4th via Fighter Records!

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