Destroyer of Light – Chamber of Horrors

 A lot of times I’ll allow the cover art to draw me in because I have this natural desire to investigate an album that has an amazing cover. It’s the very first thing people searching for music see on the internet, and having a memorable cover clearly, draws people in. When I saw the art for Destroyer of Light’s newest outing, immediately I was prompted to investigate. And now knowing what lies beyond that entrancingly dark art, I can easily say the music is no less than delectable.

Upon going into this seven-track treat of an album, you can instantly pick up on some doom metal vibes that permeate every fiber of “Chamber of Horrors” where it fills the air with a thick, heavy gloom that’s ever-looming. But that’s not all there is to this album as Destroyer of Light also managed to toss in elements of stoner rock that really smoothen out the crunchy experience that these songs throw down while bringing a specific flavor to the mix that would make “Chamber of Horrors” feel empty without. It’s the combination of doom and stoner rock that creates this wondrous sound that, even though it’s been done tens of thousands of times before, still manages to sound immensely fresh as it’s brought to life by the new blood of Destroyer of Light. The riffs and the super heavy air that’s brought to the table allow the sense of “Chamber of Horrors” to become incredibly specific while also allowing Destroyer of Light to stretch their sound beyond the typical stoner doom/rock sound so it doesn’t sound like every other band of the style before. A successful formula doesn’t always depend on how many times you can perform it before it becomes less effective, but instead, it depends on who’s conducting the experiment. In this instance, Destroyer of Light proves to be a real natural when it comes down to laying down stoner doom/rock that’s nothing new, but somehow a breeze of fresh air regardless.

Just about everything that could’ve gone right with this piece became a reality with this album, and it’s the kind of thing that the more you listen to it the more you discover. That’s a gift that keeps on giving and I fucking love it. A lot has been proven with “Chamber of Horrors”, and I wanna see how Destroyer of Light could possibly follow this up because I’ve no question that there will be definite evolution in their sound if nothing else.

LISTEN to “Chamber of Horrors” on Bandcamp here.

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