Bone Storm – Ritual Supremacy

 Of all the style of metal that can sometimes be stuck in the past, I think it’s death metal that tends to bust out the most satisfying pieces that pay homage to the old school. There’s an umpteenth amount of groups out there from all over the world that attempt at it, but only a fraction really succeed. Bone Storm is one of those few, and even though their debut piece is but a demo, it shows amazing promise and talent behind this American group.

Not even a half hour is consumed going from start to finish with “Ritual Supremacy”, yet there’s so much to be heard in that time. Between six tracks, Bone Storm managed to bring together so many different elements and pieces of old school death metal and bring them to life in amazingly stylish fashion that’s no less than delicious. We get brilliant riffs brought together by a demolishing bass, monstrous drums, and horrifyingly entertaining vocals that really help tie this demo together in a way that’s very well done no matter what way you look at it. And you could argue that given that “Ritual Supremacy” is but a demo and therefore doesn’t have the best sound quality or mastering, I think that part doesn’t matter in the slightest. Bone Storm could advertise this as a proper album and I would be a-okay with this regardless because it really does channel the style, sound, feel, and textures of old school death metal incredibly well to where I wouldn’t change a single thing with “Ritual Supremacy”. I almost never have the pleasure of saying that, yet Bone Storm did a fabulous job with this demo no matter how you slice it.

Debuts and demos are the sorts of things that can make or break a band, and I’m convinced that Bone Storm is going down a very nice path given the sheer quality of “Ritual Supremacy”. Demos never really appeal to me, yet there’s something about this one that’s so visceral and so gripping that I can’t help but sing praises about it. Give this slice of undeath a chance and you’ll soon see what I mean.

LISTEN to “Ritual Supremacy” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Bone Storm on Facebook here.


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