Tau Cross – Pillar of Fire

 I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for a band that can mix a style that I like with one that I’m not very fond of. I really like heavy metal but punk I’ve always been a little shaky about, yet it’s bands like Tau Cross that renew my interest in punk and my love for heavy metal. The debut album put out by Tau Cross was definitely interesting and caught my attention but not my love, and I was hoping for that to change with this upcoming album. After hearing several times, I can happily say that Tau Cross has definitely evolved for the best with this applause worthy album.

Admittedly, the first four tracks of what Tau Cross threw down for “Pillar of Fire” wasn’t all the phenomenal. Now, don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t bad by any standards as it was interesting, had plenty of flavors, and really showed that Tau Cross were edging in one a really good sound that was a hair’s breadth away from their grasp. It’s when the fifth song, the title track, kicked in that we really get the sense of what Tau Cross was going for with “Pillar of Fire”. From then on, the album is a helluva ride that has got all the riffs you could possibly want, a sense of passion that seeps through every note, an excellent sense of pacing that helps the album progress wonderfully well from beginning to end, and a glorious union between punk and heavy metal that comes together so fluidly with “Pillar of Fire” that it’s no less than tantalizing to witness and bask in. And after experiencing what the album really has to offer, it made the first four tracks much more entertaining, so I’m very happy that doing something as simple as revisiting can make pieces of material become much more savory. That’s what helps bring together “Pillar of Fire” and make the evolution of the mindset of the members behind Tau Cross all the more intriguing as you can really feel the wheels turning in their brains, and then see the outcome of what’s happened in the past two years since their debut and how much they’ve learned since the first outing as a band. If that isn’t something that peaks the interest of any fan of music then I don’t know what fuckin is.

Going into “Pillar of Fire”, I wasn’t expecting anything more than to hear a piece of music. I never kept up with Tau Cross since their debut release, and it was very nice to see such a refreshing sound that’s not at all stale or unoriginal come to fruition in a form that I can honestly say I genuinely enjoyed. And no matter what way you slice it, Tau Cross has made a quite delicious album with “Pillar of Fire”, and I’m keener now than ever to see what this multinational band can dish out next. Surely, that’ll be a treat to behold.

“Pillar of Fire” releases on July 21st via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Pillar of Fire” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to three tracks from “Pillar of Fire” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Tau Cross on Twitter: @_TC_Official


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