Others by No One – Book I: Dr. Breacher

 A concept album is certainly one-way to draw in new listeners as the idea of a good story is something that we as humans are naturally attracted to, I’m an excellent example of that. A good story can make a fantastic album in my opinion, and many bands seem to agree with me. Yet, few take creative liberties with the direction of the music itself. It takes quite a bit to bring together an album like this, but Others by No One makes it look fucking easy with their newest opus.

I won’t give away much about the story behind this wonder because that’s something I feel you should discover for yourself, but it’s all so very different and works so fucking well with the surrounding music that the entirety of “Book I: Dr. Breacher” is no less than tasty. Others by No One is undoubtedly progressive metal if I had to categorize this group, but the music from this wonderous album is so fucking sporadic yet organic that it feels so much more than that. And it doesn’t end there! With but three tracks to call its own, “Book I: Dr. Breacher” has an intro track that clocks in over six minutes, and it only gets longer from there! Followed by a nine minute trip across a vibrant world, and then closed out by a stunning near 20-minute piece of glory that doesn’t get anything less than a full-on applause from me. Everything that Others by No One did with this record was done magnificently well, pulled off with stunning precision, and so entertaining that it’s amazing to me that I’ve never heard of these guys before! It all comes together flawlessly from the interesting story and themes, complex music that always keeps things moving, and a spirit that’s as fiery as it is passionate. You can feel it seeping through every second of this magnificent album to where it helps improve the already stunning piece to heights that are simply euphoric. It takes a very talented band to bring things together so well, yet this band performs a master stroke with “Book I: Dr. Breacher”.

I like books as much as the next guy, but I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a second book more than I do right now. Others by No One made no less than an unforgettable record the likes of which cannot be scoffed at nor ignored. “Book I: Dr. Breacher” is one of the great albums of this style that I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and I cannot express enough how much I want to hear more from this already extremely talented band from Ohio.

LISTEN to “Book I: Dr. Breacher” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Others by No One on Facebook here.


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