Ursinne – Swim With the Leviathan

 The fact that someone would be in several different bands, some being no less than landmark, and then continue to be active in the metal scene even after leaving more than a few bands is something that I’ve always admired about metal. It’s got loads of musicians like that as well as other people who are so artistically inspired that they act in multiple different groups. Ursinne is a magnificent example of that, and their monstrous upcoming debut is quite a tasty treat.

From the beginning, this band already had massive amounts of experience in the world of metal when it came to bringing forth their debut record of “Swim With the Leviathan”. Namely, the two original band members had acquired quite the name for themselves as Ursinne consists of Dave Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower, Echelon, ex-Hail of Bullets) on vocals along with Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Henry Kane, Ashcloud) on everything else. Since then a very competent bassist has been added to the line-up but just knowing that you can be damned sure that you’re in for a hell of a time with Ursinne. “Swim With the Leviathan” is all the evidence you could ever ask for. With over ten tracks and more than enough experience, Ursinne absolutely shredded with this debut and showed that the death metal world has yet another strong contender to deal with in the form of this intimidating supergroup. Everything to the speed to the lyrics is played extremely fast and immensely brutal to make “Swim With the Leviathan” a fantastic example of death metal that combines elements from the old school and the new school to really bring about a balanced formula that manages to satisfy all the way to the end. Yet, I do have to say that Ursinne didn’t really feel like they were trying to bring a fresh flavor to this record with these twelve songs being pretty standard for death metal, and that made things a bit dull after a while. The fact that there are four cover tracks on “Swim With the Leviathan” doesn’t help me against that theory, but ultimately, Ursinne still managed to pull off this record in a fashion that some groups can only dream of.

Even though this record has a bump in the road in my eyes that definitely needs ironing out, the rest of the road that Ursinne paved out with this record is quite the treat for just about any death metal fan without a doubt. When two-thirds of a band is comprised of musicians as prolific as Ingram and Pettersson, that group immediately has loads of potential and you can really taste that with “Swim With the Leviathan”. Give it some time, tweaking, and maybe one more record and I can guarantee you that Ursinne will create something that will shake the very foundations of modern death metal.

“Swim With the Leviathan” releases on August 20th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to four advanced tracks on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ursinne on Facebook here.


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