Expulsion – Nightmare Future

 Typically, I’m not too big into grind as the vast majority of what I’ve heard is simply too extreme for my personal taste and just not for me. However, with the help of the bands Cattle Decapitation and Heathen Beast, I’m very slowly becoming more acclimated to grind, so now I’m feeling more confident. I also wanna hear what the style has to offer, and one of the newest projects of grind, Expulsion, caught my eye. Luckily for me, it was a fantastic rager of an album that’s enrapturing, to say the least.

One thing I’ve always liked about grind metal is how little time the songs wastes as the music can last anywhere between a fourteen-second burst of fury or a simple two-minute anthem of rage and anger like few other genres can provide in such explosive execution. Expulsion stuck very true to this aspect with their debut of “Nightmare Future” with the longest track being a little under three minutes, but it’s not just a mess of chaos and rage that’s performed with this record. The way these gentlemen (who are already very established in the metal scene by the way with some performing in Exhumed, another from Gruesome, another from Repulsion, etc.) approached this album was a way that seemed very mature. “Nightmare Future” shows almost right off the bat that Expulsion knows how to create tasteful grind while showing restraint in order to bring an element of organized chaos to the mix that I personally thought was amazingly clever. Mix that together with a “give no fucks” attitude, excellent sound from the rhythms to the vocals to the thunderous drums, and then seven tracks that all stand tall on their own with their own strengths and you have got the immensely strong debut that coalesced to create “Nightmare Future”.

Extremely few grind albums ever grip me in such a way, yet Expulsion managed to do it almost immediately. Very slowly, I’ve been trying to find gateway albums into the horrifying realm of grind, and I think I can happily say I’ve found another strong piece to help me in my journey. By all accounts, “Nightmare Future” is a resounding success of an album that’s multi-faceted and makes me want to hear more from this incredibly promising group of already talented musicians.

“Nightmare Future” releases on July 18th via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Nightmare Future” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the first two tracks of “Nightmare Future” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Expulsion on Facebook here.


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