Avelion – Illusion of Transparency

 It dawned on me the other day that I don’t listen to very much metal that can be considered “commercially friendly”. By that, I mean stuff you’d hear on the radio or anything that’s basically not extreme metal. It was quite a weird revelation as it’s something I never thought of before, but I felt compelled enough to change that tonight. In my search, I came across Avelion, an Italian band who have refreshed my palette in a way that I found immensely welcome upon hearing “Illusion of Transparency”.

In order for a record who’s core style pertains to the music being very melodic and then hope for the piece to be successful, you can’t just copy and paste any popular melodic piece out there and call it a day’s hard work done. No, you gotta add some sort of flare and keep things interesting so your listener doesn’t get bored as fuck because there are thousands of bands like that. Avelion answered this challenge by adding some progressiveness into their melodic metal to where you can definitely hear it without having to search for it, but it’s not overbearing. “Illusion of Transparency” also benefits from having a smooth set of vocals that are able to match the melodies and the rhythms quite well. Then the lengths of the approachable ten tracks for the album round out the experience at a little over 40 minutes to make this a very reasonably paced record that doesn’t waste time nor hurry things up for the sake of a shorter song. However, despite most everything coming together real nicely to make “Illusion of Transparency” a solid melo-prog album by several standards, there’s not enough diversity amongst the ten tracks to where each song sounds pretty alike. Everything blends together and that really takes away a sense of identity for each song, which while not something that drags down the overall experience greatly, it still leaves quite a lasting impact on the overall quality of the record when seen through the eyes of someone looking to see how a band can change on a single record.

Despite that flaw being something that I found really disappointing, I still thoroughly enjoyed what Avelion laid out for us to hear. It’s a very respectable piece that shows these Italians know what they’re doing, they’ve plenty of talent to work with, and they have the skills to get shit done. “Illusion of Transparency” may not be the perfect album of its kind that I’ve heard, but damn did it make for a very nice discovery on my part.

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