Lotus Ash – The Evening Redness

 I’m not quite sure what it is about doom metal, but it’s always been a great vessel should you want a little bit of psychedelia in your musical diet. It doesn’t have to be a lot, or even intentional, it sometimes just sneaks its way into the final mixes of an album to bring about an extra layer the makes the doom taste and feel like so much more. I’ve always been a big fan of that, and I’ve been looking for new talent in that field to not much avail. Lotus Ash is the first I’ve come across in my search, and oh my what a find it is!

It’s also something about the desert that draws me in and I’ve no fucking clue what it is, honestly. Maybe it’s the harsh landscape and inhospitable reaches that make me think it works for a great visual for a metal album. Not quite sure, but either way, Lotus Ash managed to somehow bring together all the features of the grueling, unrelenting desert reaches and cram it into seven tracks of doom with a tinge of psychedelia that truly you take you to a desolate place. From start to finish, “The Evening Redness” has a dry atmosphere to it that would typically be a negative in almost any other style, but Lotus Ash wields it with absolute masterful precision. And with not a single word to be had on this entire album, “The Evening Redness” boasts an immensely dynamic presence, atmosphere, and tone that persists throughout all seven tracks with utmost skill and grace. Lotus Ash really brought a special flavor to this record with crushing heaviness, impeccable rhythm, and an excellent sense of pacing that when timed with delicious riffs creates an experience that can only be described as euphoric in just about every way. Not many records are able to take you to another place entirely, and then manage to flesh out that world without a single phrase being uttered, yet that’s precisely what was accomplished with “The Evening Redness” and it’s something that I can easily immerse myself in any fucking day of the week.

Doom metal laced with psychedelia is possibly my favorite thing from metal, yet I’m quite picky about it and it’s not something you can just throw together and expect it to work. It’s gotta be carefully crafted with imaginative minds behind the instruments to create something cohesive and interesting, and that’s exactly what Lotus Ash has done with their sophomore album. “The Evening Redness” is not something to scoff at in any way, and should you want to hear a unique record that only a handful of bands can pull off then you’re going to want to immerse yourself in this unforgiving land that is a trip like not other before it.

LISTEN to “The Evening Redness” on Bandcamp here.

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