Execration – Return to the Void

 The current state of death metal is far from being in a state of decline despite what many people would have you believe. There’s always a constant stream of brutally delicious albums that still bring the infamous punch of death metal in a grandiose way. But not many bands nowadays really go back into the darkness from whence the genre came. Some go toe deep into that realm, others dive in head first. Execration has been known to not hold back, but it’s their aptly named upcoming that really shows what they were going for this time around.

If as a band you really want to bring the darkness like few others can, then you’re really going to have to try to go into an uncomfortable area of the human psyche that the norm would like to believe doesn’t exist. It’s a nasty, unforgiving space that we don’t like to this about for fear of what would manifest if we tapped into it. Execration seemed to have tapped into the pits of their psyche, and out forth came “Return to the Void”; a smashing record that’s the very definition of brutal as well as serving as an exceptional slab of death metal. From the very beginning to the very end, Execration created a 40+ minute album of pure chaos that always has this air of malice about it to where you can feel it permeate every single song only for it to take on a slightly different form when the next track begins. And throughout this piece, we get tracks with varying lengths that really allow Execration to flex their muscles as musicians to really show they are restricted to only four-minute bursts of fury, but longer, more complex hails of darkness as well. However, the whole of “Return to the Void” just feels too short, a little too compact, one too many interludes, and even a little rushed. By that I mean you can definitely get enjoyment out of this record, but it just feels as though Execration could’ve expanded a little bit more with “Return to the Void” and that would’ve resulted in a more complete feeling album. Yet with all that taken into account, Execration still managed to bring forth an exceptional album that can definitely be hailed as a great success for the genre.

I can definitely see many metal heads coming together and giving great praises for this record, and while I may not be one of them I can definitely see where they’re coming from. Execration created a fair album that has a wealth of strengths that bring about their own share of weaknesses, but the balance was just right enough to where it was still enjoyable by the end. The pure chaos of “Return to the Void” has undoubtedly caught my attention, and I think from now on I’ll have to keep a sharp eye out for Execration… just in case.

“Return to the Void” releases on July 14th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Return to the Void” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the title track on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Execration on Facebook here.


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