Dead Soul Alliance – Slaves To the Apocalypse

 The idea of metal being against religion is a topic that has stuck with the genre since its earliest days, and it continues to persist today. Some bands use it to simply give their music a topic because nothing else will fit while others use it because they believe it should be banished from this planet. Which of the two Dead Soul Alliance goes with I don’t feel like knowing, but what I do know is that their latest album utilizes such a topical subject to great effect within these six smashing tracks.

Death metal has always been known to just go right for the goddamn throat without even thinking to pull any punches, and that’s a formula that can easily be messed up if some band doesn’t have everything in the right order or something went wrong in production. Neither of those went down with “Slaves to the Apocalypse” as everything down to the very cover art is meticulously crafted to create this assault of blades that carve away at your mind in order to shape it into something grotesque yet improved. Dead Soul Alliance really knew how to cater to a long time death metal fan with this piece as they brought together a solid mixture of brutality, speed, and a profound message (you can probably guess what that is by now) that is ham-fisted but not to the point where it gets old, but instead helps progress the album along. And by the end of “Slaves to the Apocalypse”, you’ve been through a quite satisfying outing by all accounts for death metal, but I feel it’s very obvious that there’s something that had yet to be tapped into with this record as it felt like Dead Soul Alliance was holding a secret card that they didn’t put into play. Or maybe I’m just being fucking paranoid, wouldn’t be the first time!

Either way, there’s no denying that the whole of “Slaves to the Apocalypse” is an all-around hell of a good time for any fan of death metal as it’s got so much that we could possibly ask for done in such a way that, while still immensely tasty, has more than enough room for improvement. Dead Soul Alliance has a flavor that’s familiar, yet it’s still fresh, and I’ve no doubt that even given some more years and maybe another album or two, and that’s when this Canadian band will bust out something truly mind blowing.

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