Lör – In Forgotten Sleep

 Ever since I’ve been into music, I’ve always adored the idea of bringing different styles together to bring about something new and tasty. Even if it’s a style that’s been done a million times before, it still holds the potential of producing fresh talent. Both power and folk metal have been subject to this as they’ve been combined several times with different levels of success, yet throwing prog in there isn’t something I can say I’ve seen before. Lör brings together those styles to create an experience that feels like something heavily inspired by Middle-Earth.

It takes two things to really draw me in when something is labeled as folk metal: (1) implementation of different instruments used to great success in order to create this feeling pulled straight from a fantasy world, or (2) an otherworldly sense of atmosphere that converges very well with the surrounding music to bring about a unique, immersive sound. Lör, whose members have much experience prior to the forming of this group, manages to accomplish the latter of those two to great effect with their upcoming debut album of “In Forgotten Sleep”. A lot of time I’ll feel that combining power and folk metal will lead to one of them being drowned out by the other and with the more dominate one being quite ham-fisted for whatever reason, yet Lör dodged any imperfection of such kind with their debut. From brief moments that transport you to a druidic realm of magic and mysticism to sweeping hymns filled with metal, wonder, and a suspenseful sense of entertainment, “In Forgotten Sleep” boasts a very entrancing track listing that takes you through this magically colorful world that Lör has masterfully painted. These gentlemen brought together the loosely connected styles of folk, power, and progressive metal to bring about a record that is by no means groundbreaking nor unique, but instead produce something that’s so fresh you can’t help but experience it all in one go because it’s just different enough to where you’ve never heard anything quite like it while remaining just familiar enough for those timid about such a wondrous journey. Even the vocals of the intro alone when isolated show the ambition and success that’s achieved with “In Forgotten Sleep” in its entirety.

Usually, I’m much more strict with something labeled as folk metal, but the whole of “In Forgotten Sleep” was so immersively intriguing that I couldn’t help but dive into its beautifully crafted world. Lör absolutely came out of nowhere for me, and I’m extremely happy about that because the best adventures sneak up from right under your nose, and this record is without a doubt an experience that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for something different, fresh, and immensely satisfying all the way through. And this talented group comes practically from my backyard, so arbitrary bonus points for that!

“In Forgotten Sleep” releases on August 11th!

LISTEN to an advanced track, “Eidolon”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Lör on Facebook here.


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