Bloodlust – At the Devil’s Left Hand

 Melody is quite the tricky thing as you can easily have too much of it or not enough, and it’s fairly difficult to balance such a delicate thing. Yet once you get the hang of it, it’s the sort of thing that becomes second nature for a band, and here we have a prime example of that! Black and thrash metal have been good vessels for quality melodic tunes over the years, but I’ve only ever heard a few records that combined the both with melody to add an extra kick, and now it’s led me to Bloodlust who’s all but mastered the idea.

As one might expect from an impressive album cover such as that, Bloodlust doesn’t fuck around one single bit with their material as it’s the very embodiment of the occult realm itself. And one might expect that this record would be just a casual cookie cutter record that gives a poor representation that relies solely on imagine instead of talent, but that’s extremely far from the case when it comes to “At the Devil’s Left Hand”. Everything about this album in so fucking evil, sinister, and maniacally delicious that you can feel the blackened flame roaring like a furnace all the while. Bloodlust captures this perfectly done Satanic worship right alongside with gripping anthems that fill every single track from this phenomenal album the likes of which is all but stunning. It’s so rare to come across a record that has virtually no weaker tracks to its name, has a sound and style so sharp it could slice you right in twain and has every one of its songs before an anthem that the deadly force of Satan would march to in tandem. Extremely few pieces can do even a fraction of that, but “At the Devil’s Left Hand” accomplishes it all with the blackest of victories. Australia has already proven itself to me that it’s scene is nothing that should be questioned, and if you want to know if the Aussies love their Satan as much as Europeans or Americans do, then let this band stand as the only piece of evidence you could ever possibly need!

Thrash and black metal come together for yet another unholy alliance with this album in cohesion with some melodic factions, but it’s Bloodlust that’s guiding these squadrons and calling the orders upon all things the light touches in order to conquer them for the black lord. When the conquest upon your ears is over, you simply cannot stop as you need more of it, and Bloodlust has the talent to keep it going on and on to where their style never tires even for a moment. “At the Devil’s Left Hand” is a magnificently dark slice of the void that doesn’t disappoint for an instant, and is the sort of thing that will definitely get the underground talking. There’s no way it can’t with talent like this!

“At the Devil’s Left Hand” releases on August 24th via Caverna Abismal Records!

LISTEN to the title track on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Bloodlust on Facebook here.


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