Paganizer – Land of Weeping Souls

 Simplicity is sometimes the best approach to a style for some people, and that can lead to two things: (1) a lazy sounding record that’s all but ridiculously boring or (2) a smashing piece that absolutely slays all who hear. Paganizer has always been a strong competitor for the latter and with over a decade under their belt, these legends haven’t shown any signs of slowing down nor losing their touch. “Land of Weeping Souls” is an excellent testament to that as well as all things of proper death metal.

None of the members of this long-standing Swedish group stay in one place for too long as separate members have been known to go out and perform in other projects (Echelon for example), and that in turn allows for the group to become more proficient at death metal when they once again become whole. It’s each Paganizer record that demonstrates that fact to grotesque detail, and “Land of Weeping Souls” is possibly the band’s grandest achievement because of their accumulated mastery of such a fleshed out style. Yet, that didn’t stop these veterans for a heartbeat as they travel to yet another dark swamp of death and decay to produce another helping of elite quality death metal the likes of which only masters can summon up, and what a truly haunting trip through all realms of brutality it is. All of “Land of Weeping Souls” is a carefully created journey of madness, death, undeath, and awesomely crushing musicianship that cannot be denied at all. This entire monster is immensely satisfying from the bone crunching riffs, marvelous work of strings, and a presence that the Reaper itself would be proud to wield as its own, Plenty of bands have managed to capture some of those aspects, but it takes a group of an entirely different caliber to accomplish all of them flawlessly and achieve so much more within ten tracks. That’s exactly what Paganizer accomplished with the first few tracks of this record, but the whole of “Land of Weeping Souls” is even more irrefutable proof that these Swedes can’t be put down in any form and are one of the greater unknown masters of death metal that need to be far more widespread than currently.

A band that can constantly keep coming back time and again with increasingly more pleasing experiences is the kind of band that has truly got their shit together and is one that knows how to create proper metal the likes of which few know how. Paganizer is clearly one of the unsung pillars of underground death metal, and if any record is going to get that message across clearly it’s this one. “Land of Weeping Souls” is fucking monstrous, vicious, genius, and far more than anything one could ask for out of a virtually fucking perfect album of death metal.

“Land of Weeping Souls” releases on August 5th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to 4 advanced tracks from the album on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Paganizer on Facebook here.


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