Ye Banished Privateers – First Night Back In Port

 Everyone goes into a new record with some sort of expectation. Be it immense hype because it’s your favorite band and you know they’re gonna bust out something ridiculously good or you’re anticipating yet another blatant Slayer rip off, we all have some sort of expectation. I’m obviously no different, and I had one very unfortunate suspicion going into tonight’s record: a ripped off version of Alestorm. Yet, I still went head first into the upcoming record from Ye Banished Privateers and after listening to it for over three hours unhindered. . . it is honestly the most complete, fashionable, entertaining, and downright captivating attempt at bringing the epics of pirate life to an album.

I honestly feel like shit thinking that this was going to be an Alestorm rip-off, but life is filled with learning from your mistakes! And the lesson that I learned today that is Ye Banished Privateers is easily one of the most unique, interesting, and satisfying bands of such a niche style on the entire fucking planet. Simply a quarter of the songs from the upcoming album, “First Night Back In Port” would be fucking tantalizing to no end and make us simply want more and more! But we’re given an absolute plethora of masterful music in the form of fifteen tracks that clock in well over an hour’s worth of beer, adventure, and the desire to be back home with your loved ones. The entirety of this stunning experience is brought to life by almost 30 fucking members banding together to create something truly spectacular. They got violins, several vocalists, multiple kinds of drums, banjos, a fiddle, a fucking accordion(!!!!!), and more to truly bring both the mundane and the swashbuckling lives of pirates to our ears the likes of which we’ve probably never seen before. Ye Banished Privateers was something that I could never have ever foreseen, and “First Night Back In Port” is simply something else entirely.

Not only does Ye Banished Privateers capture the spirit of the pirate fucking perfectly, they go even farther than that. They went through the trouble of performing songs as if they were sung in a bar setting, swapping vocalists between songs as if to tell different stories of a completely different kind, bring forth anthems poured forth by rum and the Jolly Roger itself, and just bring a fucking immaculate sense of grand musicianship to the table that’s so powerful you can’t deny it for even a second. “First Night Back In Port” is possibly the perfect album for anyone who wants to be brought away from their mundane lives to a world of three hundred years prior to experience a life of freedom and drunk stupor, but at its own costs, and those aspects are demonstrated with utmost skill, grace, and even some tasteful humor here and there to keep things interesting. The most fascinating thing about what Ye Banished Privateers has done here is how not a single song is bad or remotely weak. Every track can stand strong on its own. Be it a slow burner like “A Night at the Schwarzer Kater”, a more jolly piece like the title track, or an immensely multi-layered epic the 18+ minute closer of “Mermaid’s Kiss”. “First Night Back In Port” is a staggering work in every single right. There’s not a single thing that drags down the wholly fantastic length of this album in any form, and I can honestly say with my entire heart that Ye Banished Privateers has created a perfect masterpiece. I almost never call anything a masterpiece, yet that’s precisely what these pirates have done down to the fucking letter!

Almost thirty individual people coming together isn’t something that you’d expect from a band, but an orchestra, yet Ye Banished Privateers are nowhere near distinguished enough to even call themselves such! This band of drunks simply wander about from town to town, roam the seas, chant the epics, bring the party wherever they go, and live to tell of tales like none other. Extremely few groups can say they achieve so much in one record, yet “First Night Back In Port” stands as a mind-blowing, multi-faceted, entertaining, intoxicating, adventurous, and complete album that hasn’t been done before in the history of the world! Such a unique album cannot go unnoticed! Grab your pints, your eye patches, and prepare to sail the high seas with Ye Banished Privateers as you’re taken on a journey like none other and the likes of which you’ll never want to be apart from. A masterpiece like none other. Period.

“First Night Back In Port” releases on June 30th via Napalm Records!

PRE-ORDER “First Night Back In Port” via iTunes here.

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