God – God II

 I’ve never once shied away from an instrumental band in my life because I firmly believe that there’s a certain flavor that can be ascertained by not having any vocals, and so far it’s been mostly true for most bands that decide to go that route. Take God for example. Despite having a seemingly pretentious name, this band is an example representation of what an instrumental band can become if one truly goes for it by the horns.

This band has already proved their worth and their instrumental prowess before with their first album, simply titled “God I”, yet the band is nowhere near quiet by any means whatsoever. Hot on the heels of their first piece that came out over the course of a few months last year (one song every week (I’ve seen weirder)), God are yet again poised to release a record that has several layers worth of instrumental metal that is not only immensely progressive but very thought provoking. Whether this band is trying to succeed in bringing Biblical epics to a metal style or simply trying to stand out with a standout name, it doesn’t matter simply because God is an instrumental powerhouse that doesn’t disappoint, and “God II” is yet another great example to back that up. Twelve tracks and almost an hour between them, “God II” is very interesting from beginning to end as you could possibly peel apart the very layers that make the record up to truly dissect it and see every single aspect of it. Few records are as multi-faceted or even provide a similar experience the likes of which God has created for the second time. Not many can take songs like these, make them flow very well, and then manage to make them feel fresh, intriguing, and savory.

“God II” is, honestly, not the greatest instrumental piece that I’ve heard before but it’s the second offering that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from God, and so far the quality has only gone up. I have a feeling that’ll become a trend. Call it a hunch.

“God II” releases from October 9th to December 25th!

LISTEN to God’s first album, “God I”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE God on Facebook here.


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