Nucleus / Macabra – Fragmented Self

 The great thing about splits is how they bring together bands of similar style, and that helps us as listeners find new acts if we happen to like one band featured on a split. It’s worked for me in the past, and it’s absolutely worked for me today with the latest piece from the death metal acts of Nucleus and Macabra coming together to create a split the likes of which turns out to be an accurate representation of the awesome talent in the modern death metal scene.

With only six tracks total (three tracks for each band) and a run time of just barely over thirty minutes, “Fragmented Self”, is the very definition of a sampler record; a piece that only gives you a taste of what each band has to offer without giving you the entire platter of what’s to offer. That’s worked out extremely well as both Nucleus and Macabra uses their respective time to flex their death metal muscles in such a way that I’m now going to keep a look out for these groups in the future. These six tracks are composed of very versatile death metal that doesn’t disappoint as both of these bands flawlessly manage to move between hypnotic chants that give you a very good taste of the darkness to much more melodic rhythms that show a little bit of diversity going on inside the minds behind Nucleus and Macabra. “Fragmented Self” does a very good job at showing the individual strengths of both bands in absolute spades, and by the end, we’re left with a quality death metal experience straight from the best that the underground has to offer, and it’s immensely satisfying, to say the least. Nucleus works as one marvelously cohesive unit to provide very entertaining sci-fi themed death metal, and Macabra provides an excellent old-school experience that even has the touch of the legendary Mark Riddick (Fetid Zombie) to provide even more of a kick to the metal.

A split of this magnitude isn’t exactly what I’d call a rare occurrence or one that “has absolutely got to be heard”, but it is without question a head turner. “Fragmented Self” is an excellent example of a properly executed death metal split that shows off two exceptional bands that definitely deserve more of an audience, and if there’s any potential or great excellence to be found from either of these two. . . I’m going to do my best to sniff it out.

LISTEN to “Fragmented Self” via YouTube here or below.

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LIKE Macabra on Facebook here.


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