Kafirun – Eschaton

 There are some bands out there who take a few years to realize their full potential and thusly grasp the imaginations of many who are fortunate enough to witness blossoming talent. Three years ago, I came across Kafirun’s debut that was undoubtedly promising, but unfortunately, I felt out of touch with the band until very recently, and I cannot express how happy I am to rediscover Kafirun at this momentous time. Their upcoming full-length album is the very definition of blossoming talent, and it comes in the evilest form for this record.

Truthfully, the thing that brought me back into Kafirun’s little corner of darkness wasn’t any piece of new material that I heard that reached my ears, but that menacingly stunning cover art. It’s so goddamned evil looking and seething with malice of the darkest caliber, and I wanted to investigate promptly! And upon hearing but the first track alone. . . I knew I had found my way across something truly special. “Eschaton” is a masterstroke the likes of which takes years upon years of time, pressure, and incredible skill to execute properly, yet that’s exactly what Kafirun did with this marvelous slab of black metal. While these seven tracks are by no means subdued greatly in terms of intensity, “Eschaton” finds a happy medium between restrained madness to pack a punch that when delivered in the correct doses makes for an experience that allows the darkness to literally crawl over your being. From intoxicating riffs to dark chants summoning creatures from the great dark beyond, Kafirun does nothing but absolutely impress with their first attempt at a  full-length. We typically don’t see such maturation and evolution of a band in such a short amount of time, but Kafirun makes it work in a scant three years to an astonishing extent.

Whenever I get a press release and see the words “highly anticipated album”, I tend to ignore it as that’s typically a buzz phrase to catch your attention and convince you to listen to the record at hand. Yet in the case of “Eschaton”, that’s the perfect phrase for this monstrous album. I feel dirty now for not keeping up with the occult dealings of Kafirun, and now that I’ve experienced a magnificent example of dark black metal at some of its finest, I need to do some catching up. I recommend you do the very same.

“Eschaton” releases on June 26th!

LISTEN to the title track on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Kafirun on Facebook here.


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