Nadimac – Besnilo

 In order to create a solid piece of anarchy, you have got to have actual power behind your rage otherwise what comes out just seems random and as if you’re simply angry for no real reason. Thrash is an excellent vessel for anarchy and has been doing a magnificent job for years. But to nail down crossover thrash is the sort of thing that I’ve seen mastered by only one band (Iron Reagan), but it seems that there’s another talent to be had in the crossover realm, and Nadimac is right at the forefront.

Never once did I think that Serbia would be home to a band that could hold such violent energy that comes out in the form of a fiery album that doesn’t relent for the end of the world. That’s precisely what “Besnilo” is from beginning to end, and all fourteen tracks are executed masterfully by Nadimac who clearly understand the idea of crossover thrash as they nail every single thing possible, resulting in a massive fucking album that is nothing less than miasmic. This whole record is a true rollercoaster that shows off the true sense of musicianship that this band holds in absolute spades, and it’s an immensely entertaining thing all the while! We get pieces that are made of pure fire, and other we’re treated by crossover anthems that reel you in even more to draw you into the mosh pit like few others can. Nadimac even managed to make an eight-second song intriguing, which is a sentence I never thought I’d say. And by the time you reach the end of “Besnilo”, you’ll be craving more because it’s all simply infectious to the very bone and is the sort of thing that can fuel riots all over the globe.

There are very few groups who have managed to make crossover thrash into an actually cohesive piece of material that isn’t just a formless amalgamation of rage, but Nadimac has easily proven to be much more than that with this outstanding record. Anthemic rallies, riot-inducing beats, and a power to rival that of an inferno; “Besnilo” is truly a violent force to fucking reckon with!

“Besnilo” releases on July 3rd via Xtreem Music!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Besnilo” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Nadimac on Facebook here.


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