Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With

 With every new decade comes a new wave of bands that take over the scene almost completely. In the case of many genres, those artists run their course and unfortunately lose their accumulated fan base over time, yet that’s never seemed to be a problem for metal. Take the overlords of Dying Fetus for example. They’ve been absolutely smashing for over 25 fucking years! That’s a long time to be throwing down the bloodied gauntlet, but these guys have never let up and it’s their eighth studio album that shows them going even further into their murderous rampage.

Naming your band Dying Fetus is pretty in-your-face, to begin with, but that was in the infant days of death metal and these Baltimore natives have made a legend out of the name. And with each and every single album this group has been upping the ante in one way or another. Well, take a second to imagine if Dying Fetus just took the dial and cranked everything up to ten fucking trillion in terms of brutality, gore, and musical prowess the likes of which every single fan of death metal should experience at least once. That’s exactly what “Wrong One to Fuck With” is in all of its bloody glory. The very nature of this record seems to be as obscene and brutal as it can possibly fucking be, and Dying Fetus managed to pull off every single one of these ten monstrous tracks that demonstrate what it truly means to be a titan of death metal. Vocals that rend flesh from bone as easy as you breathe, strings that constantly go from shattering riffs to brain-meltingly complex works of the fretboard, and an excellent fucking sound that permeates “Wrong One to Fuck With” to the point where you’re either headbanging at warp speed or you’re overcome with a blood rage the likes of which clearly happened to the band members whenever they play this gory excellence. Never before have I witnessed chaos harnessed to such an explosive degree, and Dying Fetus makes every second of it work!

It’s pieces like this that take you by absolute surprise simply because of how fucking visceral everything from the choruses to the cover art is, and it’s executed with such integrity that it’s impossible to not be chilled to the spine. Whether that chill comes from mass intimidation or sheer pleasure is up to you to decide. No matter which conclusion you come to there’s no denying the simple fact about this record: it’s a fucking masterpiece of death metal that proves Dying Fetus truly is of the highest caliber. “Wrong One to Fuck With” is possibly the most gut-wrenchingly satisfying album that we’ll get all year, and I’ve no doubt that millions of us will have it on repeat even after we’ve gone deaf from blaring it at the highest volume as is tradition.

“Wrong One to Fuck With” releases on June 23rd via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Wrong One to Fuck With” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the first 3 tracks from “Wrong One to Fuck With” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dying Fetus on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Dying Fetus on Twitter: @DyingFetusBand


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