The Nightstalker – A Journey in Hell

 In order to take a journey, you gotta have a destination, right? That’s not always necessarily the case. There doesn’t need to be any sort of goal in mind and you can just enjoy the journey as it happens whether be it one of enlightenment or one through the darkness itself. In the case of The Nightstalker, it’s undoubtedly through the darkness, and it’s the kind of trip that one simply cannot take only once.

I feel like it’s safe to say that black metal is possibly the style in all of the music world that is saturated by one man bands more than anything, and as someone who has heard quite a bit from several I can honestly say that each and every single one has a unique flavor to them albeit all the same basic style. The Nightstalker is no exception, and his latest piece of “A Journey in Hell” is a brilliant example of what can happen when, even after putting out several records, you can still remain tasteful in your music to the point where you can feel the evolution of the music in a single album. This 11-minute piece is immensely dynamic to where to two tracks sound the same and no matter what’s happening you always feel like you’re moving forward, never stagnant. That allows for “A Journey in Hell” to truly feel like a journey and apart from certain aspects of the production side not really being the best, in my opinion, the whole of the record feels cohesive and is entertainingly immersive. By no means whatsoever is that a new thing for black metal, but the fact that many different subtleties and intricacies produced by a single man in “A Journey in Hell” makes is so much more savory.

As someone who’s heard more than my fair share of black metal, I can easily say that The Nightstalker stands out as a one man band even if it’s not the most original thing in any sort of way, and that is absolutely okay. “A Journey in Hell” is a piece that holds loads of promise and has plenty of talent to toss around, but there’s definitely work to be made, and I’d be more than keen to see how that goes in the future.

LISTEN to “A Journey in Hell” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Nightstalker on Facebook here.


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