Neige et Noirceur – Verglapolis

 To embody the harsh cold that is the frozen north you have got to be familiar with such scenery. You can’t just be some guy from a place like fucking Brazil and do a cold album without once seeing a brutal blizzard. That’s what I love about Canadian black metal bands. They live in the cold as fuck north and then are able to beautifully translate that into black metal that’s sharper than frozen steel, and Neige et Noirceur is a fabulous example of what it takes to become one with the desolated environment after all turns white.

Such a cover art that “Verglapolis” has is the kind that brings about the feeling of being in an area that is truly taken over. Not taken over by man, but by the justly cruel wrath of nature itself who in this instance used frost and ice to show that it’s still a fighting force like none other, and there are few bands who manage to capture that. Neige et Noirceur is one such band, and the only evidence one could need for that is the 6-track piece known as “Verglapolis”. Each and every track from this record demonstrates one haunting piece of frozen devastation from one scene to the next. Be it the violent storm at its peak, the increasing build-up as the violence becomes infinitely more menacing, or after the ice stops flying and all that’s left is destruction, waste, and feet of snow everywhere. Somehow, the lone mastermind behind Neige et Noirceur manages to bring each of those scenes to the studio where he brings about elements from black metal alongside atmospheric aspects and even delving somewhat into blackgaze to bring about the chilling feel that a blizzard brings to the very soul. It’s extremely difficult to pull it off properly, yet “Verglapolis” using everything from samples to spine-tingling vocals to immersive atmosphere brought about by well-executed rhythms to soak you in this realm of ice, frost, and isolation the likes of which are haunting to your very core.

An album like this is by no means rare as umpteenth amounts of black metal bands center their records around themes of nature much less the wintry north, yet Neige et Noirceur proudly stands out with this record being a solid combination of multiple different styles from across the entire board of black metal to bring about a magnificent record that truly puts you in the middle of the snow laden wastes. “Verglapolis” is a must for any who love the feeling of isolation combined with the overwhelming presence that the harsh winter invokes while still remaining true to many core foundations of atmospheric black metal.

LISTEN to “Verglapolis” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Neige et Noirceur on Facebook here.


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