Område – Nåde

 The whole concept of being forward thinking and unique with your style of music is a desire that has both plagued and enlightened musicians for millennia. Today is no different with their being infinitely more one of a kind styles that ever before, and the desire to push the boundaries even further persists to the world of metal. This has led to the creation of avant-garde metal which is an absolute breeding ground for innovative artists, and Område is a prime example of the potential the style holds.

There’s a running risk of trying to make a different sound the likes of which hasn’t been heard before and it’s one that easily makes or breaks a band in terms of success: trying too much to sound too different can push others away more than attract them. A band has to find the magic balance between progressivism and flavor in order to draw in a ground, but it also, like all music for fucking ever, depends much on the listener’s personal taste. Hearing Område’s brand new offering of “Nåde”, I went in with an open mind simply because the whole of avant-garde metal is a toss up for me. And I can easily say that Område has, without a doubt, got a good sense of forward-thinking as every one of the eight tracks contained in “Nåde” through and through to where I can say that these guys have got quite the interesting thought process. However, what “Nåde” lacks, in the end, is a sense of grip that takes hold off the listener to keep you interested in the music all the way to the very end. Område nailed conjuring up a unique sound that came together quite well, but the actual music felt like you had to zone in onto the music way too closely in order to pick about things to enjoy. I understand some may like that, but I’ve always felt it should all come naturally and free of thought so you can enjoy what you’re hearing as soon as your brain picks it up. Yet, that doesn’t make “Nåde” a poor record by any means whatsoever. It’s still well crafted and interesting in several ways, but it lacked a factor that’s all but key to a truly great piece.

This style is still fairly new to me as I haven’t had much time to truly dive into its content and explore possible talent simply because I haven’t had time, but Område is an indicator that the style is still breathing quite easily and churning out interesting pieces. Albeit with bumps in the road that every band must learn how to overcome, “Nåde” is an album that holds nothing but promise, and to give this piece a chance is to accept radical forms of progressivism in modern music.

LISTEN to “Nade” on Bandcamp here.

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