Tombs – The Grand Annihilation

 I’ve always been an avid supporter of a band doing what they want. Even if the vast majority of the public were to call it a piece of shit, a band that puts out the style that they want to play and create an album that they wanted will almost always get a thumbs up from me. That seems to be the philosophy for this New York band whose sound as remained relatively unchanged over the course of a few years, and Tombs’ upcoming piece of “The Grand Annihilation” doesn’t change that, but it fucking works in the end.

So much of black metal revolves around the traditional sound of the genre, and that has clearly been subject to change throughout the years to varying degrees of success. With Tombs, these New Yorkers developed a sound that borrows a few elements from post metal to create a bit of a surreal sensation throughout the running of “The Grand Annihilation”, which in several aspects (for me) brings about several increases in quality for the band. The ten tracks we get from this record are excellent demonstrations of what happens when you take passion mix it with the sheer will to accomplish it along with pure musicianship to bring it all together fantastically well. We get a variety of masterfully pulled off riffs, immense levels of intrigue that permeate just about every single minute of “The Grand Annihilation”, and brilliant twists and turns that fill the entire record with loads of enjoyment to allow Tombs to really show off the talent and potential that they’ve been alluding to for years now. I’ve honestly never been really huge into Tombs as they only ever put out one song that interested me, but upon learning that the band didn’t really care for what others thought of them and created this record in their vision as they wanted it, I had to investigate. Thus, I can happily say that “The Grand Annihilation” is possibly the greatest record that Tombs has yet to put out, and it’s not hard to see why.

Few bands have been able to go from not so favorable to very interesting in my eyes in the matter of not even three full-length records, yet Tombs has done precisely that. “The Grand Annihilation” is in every respect an interesting record that provides a more stylistic take on black metal as well as being a grand example of artistic expression. And I feel that’s something we can all appreciate.

“The Grand Annihilation” releases on June 16th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “The Grand Annihilation” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Grand Annihilation” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Tombs on Twitter: @TOMBS666


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