Beelzebud – s/t

 An immersive experience is something that just about everyone everywhere enjoys from their media. Be it a high fansty novel, open world game, or album, to become immersed in something that’s both entrancing and enjoyable creates an experience like none other. Metal has done that for me and millions of others in several different forms, but doom metal is one of the most common, and the Singapore blackened doom group of Beelzebud has further cemeted that statement with their haunting debut album.

The talent of Singapore seems to grow more grand and more impressive every time I visit the scene of the city-state, and Beelzebud is no exception. Taking a good spin on doom metal, this duo brings forth cruncy rhythms that’s appropriately slow, but it brings more than just classic doom metal tropes pulled off with great success. This brand brings both black metal elements in the vocals department to give their debut record a sinster feel to it, but they also conjure a senseof malice in the form of ambiance that pentrates the very soul of the listener to the deepest part of its core. Upon first glance, Beelzebud don’t give us much to go off of as this record has a scant three tracks to it, but in classic doom fashion the band makes up for it with very lengthy tracks. Two tracks over 9 minutes long with a haunting finale almost 26 minutes in length, and Beelzebud really show how versatile and ambitious they are with their music that is the very soundtrack to the universe collapsing in on itself. Very few bands have been able to match such chaos and malicious serenity into one piece, yet Beelzebud has done a pretty good fucking job at it with their debut, and that’s something that really brings out the enjoyment of the album.

The underground of the Singapore scene is something that truly is a thing to behold as there’s something interesting around every corner. Should you want a band that pioneers their own unique style like Rudra, a band that takes intensity with speed to new heights with Blood Division, or a band that explores the darkest corners of the universe like Beelzebud, the city has got something for you. Championing the doom bands of their home, Beelzebud do nothing but justice for their scene as their debut is filled with promise, talent, and enjoyment that can’t be denied, and it’s surely only to get better from here.

LISTEN to “Beelzebud” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Beelzebud on Facebook here.


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