Entrails – World Inferno

 As one of the legendary death metal bands that every fan of the genre should be able to name immediately off the top of their heads, Entrails has been a force that shouldn’t be trifled with since their inception back in the very early 90’s. Since then, their quality of death metal and cred as an authority on the style have only gone up, and that still remains true with their upcoming album, “World Inferno”, that is no less than an amazingly gorgeous trip through hell.

There are many things in this world that don’t really need to be tinkered with in order to be enjoyable or good. The brand of death metal that Entrails has performed with on this new record is a very well done take on the modern schematic of death metal without any sort of major changes to the form as a whole, so what we’re given here is nothing more than a bleeding slab of pure death metal in naught but its raw form. And it’s fucking awesome! Entrails has proven with “World Inferno” that the sensation of raw, unrestrained death metal can still be pulled off in spectacular fashion and it seeps through every single moment from these ten tracks of intensity. As a record absolutely overflowing with riffs, anthems, and an unparalleled sense of supreme musical craftsmanship, “World Inferno” stands tall as one of the albums from Entrails that’s easily left an amazing impression on me. This whole piece is so unrelenting, filled with anger, and monstrous in every form that it’s impossible to keep down for too long which in turn makes it an awesome experience the likes of which all fans of death metal would enjoy to the very end.

Arguably, this is the best slab of true death metal that we’ve gotten so far this year. No fancy gimmicks or attempts to make it new or shiny. Just straight death metal and Entrails show that this is why they’re so revered as they are today, and it only gets better. “World Inferno” is a blazing piece that shouldn’t be ignored, and if you want to hear undeath heaviness in all of its glory then you’re going to want to strap yourself in with this!

“World Inferno” releases on June 16th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “World Inferno” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 advanced tracks from “World Inferno” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Entrails on Facebook here.

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