Infernal Angels / Ad Noctem Funeriis / Catechon – Italian Black Metal Assault

 The land of Italy has been long known for its exquisite taste in style, culinary achievements throughout history, and being the birthplace of the legendary Renaissance period that’s still talked about today. Yet, we don’t typically hear of what the country’s black metal scene is like. Quite the contrast, no? Well, three bands have taken it upon themselves to take their individual flavors and smash them together to show what unholiness Italians can bring about, and this demonstration is nigh on delectable to experience.

To bring together three separate, specific flavors into one pot and then expect them all to work as a cohesive solution is something that can easily go awry and leave out certain pleasures that could’ve been left in given different circumstances. With the aptly named 3-way split “Italian Black Metal Assault” between the acts of Infernal Angels, Catechon, and Ad Noctem Funeriis, we get an amazing display of scathing unholiness the likes of which I never would’ve expected could’ve come out of Italy, but once again the universe has left me pleasantly surprised. Each band is obviously black metal, but they don’t all play the same exact formula. Infernal Angels kicks things off with a marvelous set of tracks that really pull you into its grasp and throws you into a trance before dropping you off in hellfire before Catechon sinks its meat hooks into you. Then you’re in for blisteringly raw black metal as Catechon is a glorious representation of the pure hostility that the genre can create, and it’s pulled off with stupendous grace. After that, Ad Noctem Funeriis takes the reins and bring forth the more melodic side of black metal, yet not refraining from getting bloody or bear its gruesome fangs. And with three tracks for each band with no time to recover from one assault to the next, these Italians have created a split that no question is a good representation of what the black metal scene of Italy has to offer, and that fills me with a great sense of curiosity matched with the desire to seek out more which is a unique feeling that truly cannot be satiated enough.

One of the greatest things that I love about metal is how widespread it is throughout this large world of ours. It stretches all the way from the forests of Finland to the sands of Iran to the coast of Australia, and now Italy has reached my eyesight as a country that warrants more investigation. Italy has had my attention before, but it’s the combined efforts of these three groups that has truly pulled me in and I’m keen to see what else their countrymen have in store. Should you be like me and want quality Italian black metal, there’s no better place to start than with “Italian Black Metal Assault”.

“Italian Black Metal Assault” releases on June 6th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Italian Black Metal Assault” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Infernal Angels on Facebook here.

LIKE Ad Noctem Funeriis on Facebook here.

LIKE Catechon on Facebook here.


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